ISCO brings education to the children of the poor and disadvantaged in Jakarta, Indonesia. Today ISCO supports almost 2,200 children from kindergarten right through to university. This is their story, told through their words and their faces. It is a happy story: you will enjoy reading it and seeing them.

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Photographed and written by Carl Ottersen.
78 pages with 100+ full-screen color photos.

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The Perspex Ring

The Perspex Ring


The autobiographical story of a teenage girl growing up in northern England during the Second World War, by Betty Collins.

Soon after WWII began, Betty’s father moved the whole family away from the danger of being bombed to the relative safety of a country village nestled in the remote hills of northern England. Read of Betty’s adventures, and those of her three sisters too, as they grew up in the five and a half years of wartime England, how Betty found her passion for music and was given a mysterious perspex ring.

Published on Google Play, on Amazon Kindle and directly with NTP. Read more about The Perspex Ring here.

The Essentials of Making an Investment Proposal

The Essentials of Making an Investment Proposal


We are honoured to announce the release of The Essentials of Making an Investment Proposal, by Monticello Consulting.

This short book is designed to cover all the key essential elements of making an Investment Proposal to raise finance from private and public investors, both the proposal document itself and the presentation of it.

If you are an entrepreneur or general manager who needs to find investment and needs to be briefed, simply and quickly, on the process and activities that form part of making an investment proposal, without getting overly detailed in financial jargon at this stage, then this is the book for you.

Published in PDF format on Google Play and directly with NTP. Also available for Kindle and in ePub format directly with NTP. [more]

Great Guide to Jakarta

Great Guide to Jakarta


We are really happy to announce the release of the free ebook The Great Guide to Jakarta, by Carl Ottersen.

Discover Jakarta the easy way!
Really useful and interesting information about places to see, things to do, where to stay, where to eat, what to buy and some recipes of local cuisine for you to try at home.

Specially selected and popular places, with over a hundred full-size photographs and videos, plus easy-to-understand maps to quickly find the places you want to go to.

Currently published as an iBook on Apple iBookstore as well as here with us. Also published in PDF format on Google Play and directly with us. Versions on Kindle and in ePub format will be available soon. [more]

Losing It

Losing It


We are really happy to announce the release of Losing It, six short stories by Imran Saqib.

– A mother obsessed with marriage and
– A desperate executive striving to lose weight
– Three spirits waiting for the rain to set them
– A housewife trying to cast her first vote
– A boy trying to realize his cricket dream
– A hopeless romantic and his best friend’s
   wedding night

Six characters from Karachi, all on the verge of Losing It …..

Published as an eBook on Amazon for Kindle as well as here with us.
Versions on Apple iBookstore and Google Play will be available soon. [more]

Marco's Mystery

Marco’s Mystery


A tale for children aged 6-8 years, by Betty Collins.

In a sleepy, warm Mediterranean fishing village something happens, creating disaster for all who live there.

 A young boy called Marco discovers a clue, solves the mystery and saves his precious village from starvation.

The new iBooks and ePub3 versions are in color and also have narration, so you can read it to your child by yourself, or sit back and let the eBook tell the story.

Read more about Marco’s Mystery here.

Pilot RadioTelephony Interactive Manual

RT Manual Italiano


Questo corso interattivo di radiotelefonia in inglese con traduzione e spiegazioni in italiano è essenziale per tutti i piloti, non solo i principianti.

Il corso contiene vocabolario, frasi comuni, abbreviazioni ed una sezione di evaluazione personale, tutti con audio per capire ed imparare meglio le interazioni vocali fra pilota e terra

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