No Trees Publishing is a publisher of digital books (eBooks), named of course for the fact no trees are used in publishing digital books – it is our contribution to the future.

We publish, promote and sell digital books both directly and through online retailers such as Amazon (for Kindle), Apple’s iTunes (for both standard and interactive multi-touch ebooks) and Google Play (for PDF and simple ePub versions).

With No Trees we are building on work that began in 2002, when we launched a project called DeLibris, which had the same purpose. The difficulty back then was that, in essence, we were too far ahead of the curve: the market wasn’t in place, the technology wasn’t there, the methods of online payment were not popularly accepted and the capital employed wasn’t sufficient.

Now everything is different. With the recent introduction by Apple of their splendid interactive eBook format (the iBook), we have been inspired to get into the business of helping authors publish exciting books again.

If you want to know about how we can help you, please contact us directly by phone on 0742 356-5020 (+44 742 356-5020 if you are outside the United Kingdom) or by email at Editor@NoTreesPublishing.com.