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The Great Guide to Jakarta now available in PDF

The Great Guide to Jakarta“The Great Guide to Jakarta”, the free eBook that tells you about great places to see and things to do in Jakarta, with over 100 photos, videos and maps, is now available in PDF Format, so everyone can now read about Indonesia’s capital city.

Click here to read more about the free eBook “The Great Guide to Jakarta”.

New Release : The Great Guide to Jakarta

NYP is overjoyed to announce the release of the free eBook “The Great Guide to Jakarta”

Great Guide to Jakarta Cover

The Great Guide to Jakarta

The Great Guide to Jakarta
Discover Jakarta the easy way with this free eBook

Really useful and interesting information about places to see, things to do, where to stay, where to eat, what to buy and even some recipes of local cuisine for you to try at home.

Specially selected and popular places, with over 100 full size photographs and videos, plus easy-to-understand maps to quickly find the places you want to go to.

Released in January 2014, completely new and with original material, this ebook is the first in a series called “The Great Guide to Indonesia”, ten ebooks to cover each of the main regions of Indonesia.

The free eBook “The Great Guide to Jakarta” is now available on iTunes and directly with NoTreesPublishing.

Please note that the iTunes iBookstore is not yet available if you have an account with iTunes Indonesia. You can still download the ebook free of charge directly from the NoTreesPublishing website here.

This version is for Macs, iPads and iPad Minis only – a version for Android Tablets follows soon.

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NTP sponsors a photography exhibition in Norway

NTP is happy to announce it is sponsoring a photography exhibition in Norway this year.

The theme of the event is “Indonesia through Indonesian Eyes” and will tour for two weeks this summer in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.

Together with some amazing photographs of this wonderful, yet still very much unknown country, the photographers will come also to explain the stories behind the photographs – bringing Indonesia to your doorstep, so to say.

“Losing It”, the new book from Imran Saqib

Losing It

Losing It

Losing It | Tales of Karachi. The new book from Imran Saqib, Losing It is six short stories of everyday life in Karachi.

– A mother obsessed with marriage
and curtains
– A desperate executive striving to
lose weight
– Three kindred spirits waiting for
the rain to set them free
– A housewife trying to cast her
first vote
– A boy trying to realize his cricket
– A hopeless romantic and his best
friend’s wedding night

Six characters from Karachi, all on the verge of Losing It …..

You can read more about Losing It here.

Digital book formats

Everyone knows that there are eBook readers of all types, shapes, colors and sizes. What is also true is that the eBook formats are just as varied, and not often in synch with each other. What you can see with one Reader you may not be able to see with another. Text looks different, some images don’t show, audio can be missing and video can hang everything up.

So when publishing an eBook, you really have to publish three or four flavors of format. We will go for iBook, ePub3, ePub2 and Mobi.

iBook is simply wonderful – nothing beats its style and interactivity.
ePub3 gets close though – and even ahead of iBooks in some things
ePub2 is the common format almost all Readers can display
Mobi is the core of Kindle’s formats, displayed also by other Readers.

You will see more versions of our eBooks coming soon.