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The Great Guide to Jakarta now available in PDF

The Great Guide to Jakarta“The Great Guide to Jakarta”, the free eBook that tells you about great places to see and things to do in Jakarta, with over 100 photos, videos and maps, is now available in PDF Format, so everyone can now read about Indonesia’s capital city.

Click here to read more about the free eBook “The Great Guide to Jakarta”.

“Losing It”, the new book from Imran Saqib

Losing It

Losing It

Losing It | Tales of Karachi. The new book from Imran Saqib, Losing It is six short stories of everyday life in Karachi.

– A mother obsessed with marriage
and curtains
– A desperate executive striving to
lose weight
– Three kindred spirits waiting for
the rain to set them free
– A housewife trying to cast her
first vote
– A boy trying to realize his cricket
– A hopeless romantic and his best
friend’s wedding night

Six characters from Karachi, all on the verge of Losing It …..

You can read more about Losing It here.